Permanent exhibition

The Birth of Solidarność

Room A

Our most treasured exhibit, the BOARDS WITH THE 21 DEMANDS, is included in UNESCO’s international Memory of the World Register, which contains the most valuable documents of global significance

The Power of The Powerless

Room B

In December 1970, 45 people were shot dead by the police on the Polish Coast. The events went down in history in The Ballad of Janek Wiśniewski and the image of workers carrying their murdered colleague on a door, as if it were a catafalque, along the streets of Gdynia

Solidarność and Hope

Room C

Ten million Poles joined the Solidarność Independent Self-Governing Trade Union when, under the August 1980 Agreements, this only free mass social organisation in the Communist Block was established

At War with Society

Room D

Mass arrests, brutally crushed strikes and demonstrations, and the delegalisation of the Solidarność Trade Union: martial law was introduced in Poland on 13 December 1981

The Triumph of Freedom

Room F

The bloodless revolution in Poland led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and to the collapse of dictatorships in one Central and Eastern European country after another

The Culture Of Peaceful Change

Room G

The ideas of Solidarność and the non-violent struggle for human rights in the name of freedom have been spread all over the world in all epochs by people of various nationality, race, or creed

THE SHIPYARD exhibition

THE SHIPYARD Man. Industry. City

The first comprehensive exhibition on the history of the state-owned shipbuilding industry in Gdańsk, more than 150 years of the city’s history.