About the library

Who are we?

We are a public scientific library. Considering the subjects of our records, we are a specialist library. We are part of a bigger unit that is a cultural institution registered also as scientific institution. Working for our parent institution we are at the same time a professional library.

Scientific character of the library is defined by the kind of records that it owns, scientific way of mapping them out – meeting the requirements of interchangeable international cataloguing standards (the ECS library has been part of the national Nukat catalogue since 2004), scientific information base (catalogues, text repositories, bibliography data bases) and scientific activities (for example developing Solidarność bibliography).

The ECS library doesn’t have the formal status of a scientific library, but considering the characteristics mentioned above, in fact it is one.

On the other hand, public character of the library is defined by the environment it operates in. Unlike scientific university libraries that concentrate mostly on the learning process, the ECS library, while it also owns scientific records, conducts additional cultural and educational activities for local communities. It shapes the reading culture, organizes cultural life, and promotes positive patterns of spending free time.
Because of the subject and scientific character of most records, their recipients are mainly students and academics – mostly historians, political scientists and sociologists. However, we also have an interesting offer for other library visitors: latest report and journalistic writing, popular historic literature, and even fiction.

Although our records are mostly directed at recipients interested in social and political sciences and researchers of the latest history, anyone can visit our library – perhaps even just to read a newspaper or meet friends who are visiting an exhibition, concert, film, restaurant or café.