SOLIDARITY HERE AND NOW is a long-term project that aims to bring together volunteers and volunteers’ coordinators engaged in work with refugees across the European continent to share their experiences, discuss common problems and learn from each other. The pilot edition of the project took place 24-29th November 2017 in Gdansk, Poland. This publication is a result of the interviews with volunteers from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, Serbia, and Spain who took part in the project. The project has been organized by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and the European Solidarity Centre.

SOLIDARITY HERE AND NOW / edition 2019 → call for application

Please find below links for the outcomes of the project
/ film about the project which enables to see and understand the philosophy of the project

/ the toolkit for NGOs which consists of the lessons learnt from our project. The aim of this publication is to highlight the motivations, problems and needs that the volunteers have while working with refugees. This publication is addressed to non-governmental organizations and cultural institutions that already support or want to support volunteers in the important work they are doing